Pirates hit Struggle Town 3 August 2011

Despite a quality performance from both teams on Monday night, the Pirates still struggled to find the bottom of the ring with the Curtin Razors prevailing with their superior shooting, 40 points to 23.

Expecting the Razors to make use of their fast-break style of play, the Pirates applied smart defensive pressure that saw the Razors make plenty of turnovers even with a 3 on 1 advantage in their front court. Leading the charge in this department were point guard, Daniel Lillicrap (3 points) and power forward, Ben Roberts.

Struggle Town

Trailing by just one point at the end of the first quarter, the Pirates knew that they had to stay close into the second to have a chance at an upset. While they did put on another 8 points, they could not stop the Razors from raising the stakes with 13 points of their own.

Featuring heavily in the statistics for the Curtin Razors was Kris Thompson (14 points) but they were not relying just on Thompson to win them the game, with everyone getting in on the action, averaging 4 points per person at the end of forty minutes.

In contrast, the Pirates had only three consistent scorers in Dan Bray (4 points), Todd Gregory (6 points) and Kel Dulihanty (6 points) as regular shooters, Cam Rees and Pete Huet were both absent from the game.

Half-time entertainment was provided by the always energetic Tina Turner who sang her 1980s hit, “We Don’t Need Another Hero”, to a packed out basketball audience. After the show, Tuner voiced her frustration at the seemingly endless stream of comic book heroes making it to the big screen, the latest, Captain America, is currently showing in cinemas.

When play resumed, things went from bad to worse as the Pirates struggled with their traditional third quarter slump, the only points added to their tally came courtesy of a Dan Bray field-goal in the third minute.

The Curtin Razors didn’t miss a beat, scoring another 13 points in the quarter to take their lead 33 to 16 heading into the final ten minutes of play.

Stressing that it still wasn’t beyond reach during the third quarter break, the Pirates took to the court knowing that a few successive scores would create the confidence to increase the tempo and really challenge the Razors in the run to the finish line.

Keeping the Razors to just seven points was an impressive defensive effort for the Pirates and while they almost tripled their third quarter score, offensively it wasn’t enough to close the gap, the final score 40 points to 23.

The Pirates hope to have almost their entire roster back on deck for next week’s game, a game they must win to regain their place inside the top four.

Story by Trent Stockman